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Day Tour and Other Things to Enjoy in Shibuya, Tokyo

A Quick Day Tour in Shibuya, Tokyo

Shibuya is a famous district in Tokyo. With the presence of multiple tourist spots (e.g. shrines, statues and etc.), booming shopping scene and exciting food shops, Shibuya surely is a must-visit place when you visit Japan.

Shinjuku near Shibuya, Tokyo

Osaka to Shinjuku to Shibuya
After spending 3 days in Osaka, I rode a Willer Express night bus to Tokyo to spend another 5 days. The trip took about 9 hours, and it was definitely a long tiring ride. If in case you are considering to take the night bus as well, I suggest that you really bring a small pillow, an eye mask and other things that will provide you comfort. If not for the fact that I was on a budget, I could have taken the Shinkansen instead.

The night bus stopped in Shinjuku, and from there I took a 25-minute long walk going to Shibuya.

Tourist spots to visit
Since it was still early by the time I arrived in Tokyo, I decided to check out a tourist spot. I did a quick a look at Google Maps and saw that the nearest park is Meiji Jingu. That's when I started my walkathon going to this destination.

Renz Cheng in Shibuya, Tokyo Winter
Meiji Jingu, Shibuya, Tokyo

If you are planning to visit Meiji Jingu, you may want to check out this part of the park where the wines used in the Meiji Shrine are consecrated. You'll also find here colorful vase-like containers where you can find fellow tourists taking photos with.

Provenance of the Bourgogne Wine for Consecration at Meiji Jingu
Provenance of the Bourgogne Wine for Consecration at Meiji Jingu

One of the gates to Meiji Jingu Park
One of the gates to Meiji Jingu Park

One of the gates to Meiji Jingu Park

It's fairly easy to navigate your way here in Meiji Jingu because you'll often find huge pack of people going to this direction (as seen in the photo above).

Renz Cheng in Meiji Jingu, TokyoRenz Cheng in Meiji Jingu, Tokyo
Mandatory photo in the base of the arch just before entering Meiji Jingu

Given that Meiji Jingu is a park, you'll catch a glimpse of a refreshing scenery. The entire vicinity is a tranquil place to just breathe in and relax. It's actual a good place to do some meditation walking.

Meiji Jingu, Shibuya, Tokyo

There's also a shrine inside Meiji Jingu which is another reason why tourists are flocking in this destination. If you get lucky (like I did), you'll get to witness part of a traditional Japanese wedding within the shrine grounds. It was cultural bliss!

Japanese Traditional Wedding - Meiji Shrine

Now, if in case you are not much into nature and culture, Shibuya still got you covered with its ultimate shopping scene.

A bustling city with numerous shopping centers
Shibuya is undoubtedly a paradise for those who love to shop. You'll find here stores catering to almost the entire market spectrum. There are high-end shops to purchase your luxury goods, and discount shops to maximize your budget. Window-shopping becomes interesting here in Shibuya, since there are store in every corner.

Shibuya - Shopping District in Tokyo

Below is a photo of Tokyu Plaza's futuristic facade. It's like you are going to be swallowed by some vortex. Anyway, it's also within this area where you can find numerous shops in a single stretch.

Tokyu Plaza Facade, Shibuya

Exciting food scene of Shibuya
When you start getting tired checking tourist spots and/or shopping centers, you may want to stop by the food stores spread across the district.

Go traditional with this restaurant called Harajuku Gyozaro (read more). It's extremely popular for its authentic high-quality gyoza. In fact, it may be the best gyoza you'll ever taste!

Harajuku Gyozaro's gyoza is perhaps the best gyoza in Tokyo

Other cuisines are available as well, such as this place called Luke's Lobster (read more) serving lobster roll.

Luke Lobster's famous Lobster Roll in Shibuya

Of course, you shouldn't miss trying out one of the world-famous cheesecake of Japan - Pablo's!

The world famous melt-in-your mouth cheesecake of Pablo

Where to stay?
For a comprehensive guide in finding accommodation in Tokyo, check out this blog on Where to Stay in Tokyo: Shibuya or Shinjuku by HotelsCombined. 

Shibuya, Tokyo Quick Guide

Things to see/do: Shop around with its well-diverse shops since Shibuya is a known shopping district. Have an exciting food tour with its culturally rich restaurants. Visit the famous Shibuya Crossing and Hachiko the Dog Statue.

Budget needed: at least ¥3,000 if you are planning to have a food trip and light shopping

Is it wander-worthy? Yes. Although I wasn't able to check the Hachiko Statue, the places I've been to are very interesting to see. It's also fascinating to experience the "rush" of people in the famous crossing. Also, the shopping scene is very exciting for those who are into this stuff.

How to get there: Various parts of Tokyo are very much accessible through the train. Also, Google Maps has high accuracy, so you may want to utilize that one up, like I did.


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