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Harajuku Gyozaro - Best Gyoza in Tokyo

Harajuku Gyozaro - Best Gyoza in Shibuya, Tokyo

Alongside sushi, sashimi and ramen, gyoza is one of the iconic dishes of Japanese cuisine, and nothing beats having a serving of this freshly cooked gyoza in its country of origin. Here in Shibuya, you'll encounter what others claim to be the best gyoza in Tokyo!

Interior of Harajuku Gyozaro, Shibuya, Japan

Home of the best gyoza in town
When I was searching for something to eat online in Shibuya, Tokyo (read more), I came across a suggestion of dining here in Harajuku Gyozaro. It states that this place is home of the best gyoza in town, and several tourists and locals agreed to this. This place is tucked within the streets of Shibuya, and navigating it may give a little headache (but not with Google Maps on hand).

Japanese chopsticks photo - Harajuku Gyozaro

Traditional u-shaped dining area
Harajuku Gyozaro also features the traditional u-shaped design, allowing the chefs and servers to be faster and efficient in coming up with the gyoza. Since it's very transparent, you'll get amused with how they prepare the gyoza. From how they roll the dough and press the meat to eventually cooking them.

Harajuku Gyozaro's Steamed Gyoza

The steamed gyoza are freshly served out of the boiling water, which also explains the watery appearance based from the photo above. You'll experience the delicate softness of the wrapper followed by a tasty tender core to bring surprise to the palate. Dip it into the sauce, and flavors will be much memorable!

Harajuku Gyozaro's Fried Gyoza

On the other hand, the fried gyoza has a bolder distinct flavor that matches well with the perfection in frying. Expect richer flavor that really leaves a good impression on the palate. It's rightly flavored, and each bite will send shivers with how great the taste is!

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Harajuku Gyozaro Quick Guide

Famous for: Fried and steamed gyoza (dumplings)

Budget needed: at least ¥400 each (appx P175) for a light to moderate gyoza experience

Is it wander-worthy? Yes, it's indeed one of the, if not, best gyoza in Tokyo! Well, it's the best so far in all that I've tried so far.

How to get there: You can take the train to Meijijingu-Mae station and walk from there. You may use Google Maps to assist you in locating the place.

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