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Majime's Yokohama-inspired Ramen in Urawa, Japan

Majime's Yokohama-inspired Ramen in Urawa, Japan

Ramen is undoubtedly a world-renown Japanese dish. Well, some may disagree that Ramen is in fact a Chinese creation, but regardless, Ramen has “Japan” all over it. Hence, it has become mandatory and customary to enjoy a bowl of ramen when you visit the land of the rising sun!

Variety in Ramen Characteristics
I’m  not a Ramen expert, but what I know is that ramen differs across places in Japan. This makes it extremely difficult to compare ramen from another. However, one things for sure, the common characteristic among them all is they are usually delicious. This Yokohoma-ramen store called Majime is a personal recommendation of my friend, Ryo. He brought us there with delight as this is his top favorite!

Majime Ramen (つけ麺工房 真面目)  in Urawa, Japan

The restaurant has a casual ambiance which is somehow more universal and less Japan-like, but still the smell of ramen just wafts through the entire restaurant making your stomach growl in anticipation.

Majime Ramen (つけ麺工房 真面目)  Restaurant Interior in Urawa, Japan

Distinct characteristic of the ramen
The ramen served here is marked by its distinct fattiness as evidenced by the thickness of the soup. You’ll feel the heaviness as you take a sip like a wave crashing down your buds. It’s an intense ride, but you’ll really taste the honest umami goodness. It may take a lot of guilt to finish a bowl, but I’m telling you it’s all worth it. In fact, it may be one of the best ramen I had in my life!

Pork ramen of Majime (つけ麺工房 真面目)
Pork ramen of Majime (つけ麺工房 真面目)

Oh, interestingly, they are serving unlimited rice to go with your ramen. I guess this is to balance the fattiness of the broth. You’ll be surprised how well they go together!

Majime Ramen (つけ麺工房 真面目) Quick Guide

Famous for: Intensely flavorful ramen with thick fatty broth and a whole lot of “guilt”. Also famous for the unlimited rice for the ramen

Budget needed:  ¥790 and up – for a bowl of ramen with unlimited rice

Is it wander-worthy? This should be on your must-visit restaurants here in Tokyo. It’s not enough to know how intense ramen is. You need to taste it yourself! After which, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

How to get there: Use the train to Kita-Urawa station, and you are just a few walk away from the station. The restaurant is just literally on the corner. You can locate the restaurant using the maps below.

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