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Cowrie Island in Puerto Princesa, Palawan - Beach Activities to Enjoy!

Cowrie Island in Puerto Princesa Palawan - Beach Activities to Enjoy!

Cowrie Island is famous for being one of the finest stops when you are beach/island hopping in Puerto Princesa. You'll appreciate the island's fine sands as well as the large space for you to have your team or family activities. It's also a place where you can chill and have a relaxing massage.

Cowrie Island Palawan

Cowrie was the second island we visited when we had our island hopping, and I hail it as the best among all the ones we visited. I consider it as a paradise since you'll find a lot of things there that is highly suitable for your vacation.

Bar Restaurant
There is a bar restaurant in Cowrie to provide refreshment as you enjoy the fine sands of the island. You can get your fresh shot of buko juice or mango shake to energize your body. They also serve drinks that are adult-friendly. The prices are somewhat "inflated", but still reasonable enough for the experience.

Cowrie Island - Bar Restaurant in Palawan

Massage Area
If you are escaping away from all the stress, you may want to push it further my having a relaxing massage here.

Beach Activities to Enjoy
However, if you are the active type who wants to unleash stress through various activities. You may freely do so here in Cowrie Island due to its wide spaces. There is an area where you can play beach volleyball, and if in case you don't have any ball with you, there are some which you can rent.

Beach volleyball in Cowrie Island, Puerto Princesa

There is also another free space where you can enjoy other group games.Since we happened to have a Frisbee with us, we took the opportunity to play it there.

Playing Frisbee in beach - Cowrie Island
Playing Frisbee at the Beach

Cowrie Island (Palawan) Quick Guide

Things to see/do: Have a henna tattoo, get a massage, sip a refreshing drink and/or enjoy beach activities

Budget needed: Depends on what you will avail there in the island

Is it wander-worthy? Yes! Cowrie Island is truly wander-worthy with its incredible sand and awesome activities you can enjoy there.

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