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A Beautiful Experience in Blue Palawan Resort of Puerto Princesa

A Beautiful Experience in Blue Palawan Resort of Puerto Princesa

Blue Palawan Resort is one of the top places to stay in Puerto Princesa, and it's famous for its wonderful beach huts, beautiful landscapes and exciting activities you can do there. In this blog post, I will be sharing with you how our experience in Palawan was made more unforgettable by Blue Palawan Resort.

From the airport, staff from the resort greeted us with much hospitality and enthusiasm, and afterwards we rode the shuttle arranged and provided by the resort. It took us about 15 minutes before reaching the resort.

Note that this was a cluster outing, and the arrangement might be different for those coming in smaller groups.

Dining area of Blue Palawan Resort

Upon arrival, there were already brunch prepared for our group, and the dishes were all delectable and presentable. The group's favorite was the silky and velvety scrambled egg!

Blue Palawan Resort

Wonderful Landscape and Appreciating Nature
Now, as we tour the place, I fell in love even more with the place. The landscape highlights the beauty of nature, and it was very calming just to walk around and catch the sea breeze.

Blue Palawan Resort in Puerto Princesa

The sand on some parts was also fine, so you will enjoy walking barefoot. You may also want to just sit on a corner as you breathe the air, and enjoy the grandeur of nature.

Beachside of Blue Palawan Resort

Activities to Enjoy in Blue Palawan Resort
There are a handful of things you can enjoy here in the resort and some of them highlights the "resort-ness" of the place. One of them is volleyball which the resort staff can set-up on the pool side.

Beach volleyball in Blue Palawan, Puerto Princesa

Of course, you can go back to the basic activities such as swimming, but you can tweak this a bit by introducing games among you. We tried playing Marco Polo, and it was surely a great activity to raise up the level of fun.

Pool area of Blue Palawan Resort

You can also just enjoy "kwentuhan" with friends over beer or cocktails. Hence, it really depends on your group's preference.

The Beach Huts and Rooms
The moment I caught a glimpse of the beach huts basking in elegance, I knew that the rooms would be fantastic, and indeed it was!

The huts featured a sliding glass door that added more "glam" to the beach-resort experience. Also, the huts in themselves add an irresistible appeal to the place. The beds were also comfortable and huge enough for you to sprawl around.

Room and beds of Blue Palawan Resort

That's about it for our Blue Palawan experience. Here's a photo of us enjoying the glorious sunrise and sumptuous breakfast here in the amazing resort,

Renz Cheng in Blue Palawan Resort

Blue Palawan - Overall Ratings and Summary
Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars. The ratings apply solely to this dining experience.

Comfort ★★
Food ★★
Rest Room  

Blue Palawan is certainly a great place to have your vacation in Puerto Princesa, and I heard that it's truly one of the top choices to stay in the area. I couldn't agree more to that because Blue Palawan's landscape is just perfect. The rooms (although my photo didn't do justice) are incredible with wide breathable space and great air-conditioning. The food served, especially the breakfast, are beyond decent which really added to our unforgettable experience.

If you are checking if this place is worth a shot, I have to tell you, it is!

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