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Baker's Hill in Puerto Princesa - it's more than pasalubong!

Baker's Hill in Puerto Princesa - it's more than pasalubong!

Baker's Hill is a famous pasalubong center in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. However, it's not just a place to buy your pasalubong for your loved ones. It's also a place full of "hugot", making it interesting to roam around in.

Baker's Hill is usually a last stop when you visit Puerto Princesa. It's where you can buy most of the famous food souvenirs or pasalubong, but the great thing about this place is you are hitting two birds with one stone -- buying and wandering.

It's great also for those traveling on a budget, since you can make the most of your time as your friends buy their pasalubong. At least, you can be elsewhere and not melt in bitterness as you watch your friends hoard some stuff *wink wink*

Baker's Hill in Puerto Princesa

Another interesting thing about the place is it's all filled up with love quotes as well as "hugot" ones. In short, it's a place with humor. Check out this hugot line - "Hindi ko kinalimutan na mahal kita. Tinandaan ko lang na mas mahal mo siya".

HIndi Ko Kinalimutan na mahal kita, tinandaan ko lang na mas mahal mo siya

Love is the central theme of the place, so you'll find symbols of affection such as this heart made of different kinds of flowers.

Kids will also enjoy Baker's Hill, since there is a playground for them to enjoy. This means that Baker's Hill has grown into both a pasalubong center and a park.

Playground in Baker's Hill, Palawan

As mentioned, there are a lot of spots in the place that are picture-perfect. Hence, ready your cameras (or phones) as you take creative shots!

Renz Cheng in Baker's Hill PalawanBaker's Hill Palawan

In fact, you can be as creative as my friend! Really, your imagination is your limit. You can maximize the area and take amusing photos of yourself or your group.

Emilfredo Ong in Baker's Hill Palawan

Here's another clear proof that love is the core theme of Baker's Hill. It's a life size "LOVE" word.

Life Size LOVE word in Baker's Hill

In a same way, the place seems to be contradicting itself with its humor. Here in this part, you can see the sign "Bawal Magdate Dito" (You can't have your date here). Well, actually, I do not know if the management is serious about this, but I took it as a joke.

Bawal Magdate dito - Baker's Hill

There you go! I hope you enjoyed this documentation of our experience in Baker's Hill. Here's another "candid" photo of us in the garden area.

FSRM in Baker's Hill Outing 2015

Baker's Hill (Palawan) Quick Guide

Things to see/do: Baker's Hill is a place to buy your pasalubong. It's also a place to enjoy a dash of humor and nice scenery.

Budget needed: No entrance fee, but the budget depends on how much you'll splurge on the pasalubong

Is it wander-worthy? Yes, for two reasons: (1) it's a popular place to buy your food souvenirs (i.e. pasalubong) and (2) it's a place where you can snap great photos as remembrance

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