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Touring the Tokyo Skytree - Temple, Ice Skating and City Lights

Touring the Tokyo Skytree - Temple, Ice Skating and City Lights

Tokyo Sky Tree is an iconic landmark in Tokyo, and it has easily become one of the popular places tourists must visit. It gives you a good bird's-eye view of the Tokyo, and it just might be breathtaking for you.

Temple on the way to Tokyo Skytree

On my fourth day in Japan, I wanted to see something iconic, so I asked my Japanese friend places we can visit. He suggested a couple of destinations, but we eventually picked Tokyo Skytree. By the way, here's a photo with me and my great friend Ryo on our way to Tokyo Skytree!

Renz Cheng and Ryo in Japan

This photo was taken on our way to Tokyo Skytree. It's a shrine that you will stumble upon on your way there (although it depends on which direction you'll choose). Since I am writing this blog post about 9 months from my trip, I already have forgotten some of the details of our experience including the name of this shrine we passed by. However, I am trying to recall as many detail as I could, so I hope you'll bear with me.

Azumabashi Bridge in Tokyo, Japan

Azumbashi Bridge
Now, after dropping by the shrine, we also got the chance to cross the Azumabashi bridge, which I assume to be somewhat popular as well because people were taking selfies and photos from there. You'll also catch a great view such as this.

After about 15 minutes walking from the Azumbashi Bridge, you'll eventually catch a glimpse of the Tokyo Skytree as well as the mall nested beneath it which is called Tokyo Sotamachi.

Tokyo Solamachi Mall in Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Solamachi Mall
There are numerous stores found inside the mall as well as restaurants and activity places. Since it was winter during my visit, there was a skating rink to satisfy you "gliding urges". It felt like I was missing out a lot because I don't know how to skate, so what I did was to watch how the children (and otherwise) enjoyed the ice.

Skating Rink in Tokyo Solamachi

The Tokyo Skytree and the "Bullet Elevator"
There are scheduled time for the ascent, and we waited for a few hours before we got to be ushered in the "bullet elevator". It only took about a minute or so before we reached the top, and it was an interesting experience.

Tokyo City View from Tokyo Skytree

Once you'll already there, you'll get lost in awe. The city view is simply breathtaking, and it just made me realize how huge Tokyo really is. It was also amazing how you can see different parts of the city from the Skytree. There are interactive guides there to help you identify which part of Tokyo you are facing.

Tokyo City View from Tokyo Skytree
Tokyo City View from Tokyo Skytree

Looking at the view made me realize how alive the city appeared -- the lights, the cars, everything seemed like pieces of puzzles making up a master piece.

Tokyo City View from Tokyo Skytree
Tokyo City View from Tokyo Skytree

Now, there is this part on top of the Skytree where you can test your fear of heights. Well, it's not as scary as it seems because you'll only get a glimpse of what is down there, but I guess things will be different during daytime when the view gets all brighten up.

Scary View from Tokyo Skytree

There you go! I hope you found this blog post entertaining if not helpful. Let me also know your thoughts and ideas by commenting below.

Tokyo Sky Tree (Japan) Quick Guide

Things to see/do: As you travel your way to Tokyo Sky Tree, you can pass by the Temple (just like what I documented here in this blog). There is also a mall where the Skytree is, and you'll find there several interesting stores like tech-stuff and other usual stores you'll find. As mentioned, during winter, you may also skate.

Budget needed: About ¥2,060 (appx P865) for the entrance ticket to the Sky Tree

Is it wander-worthy? Might be, especially if you like getting a glimpse of the city. However, considering the price, you may want to allocate it to other activities

How to get there: You can reach Tokyo Sky Tree by taking the train to the Tokyo Sky Tree station. The Google Maps will be of great help to you, as we just googled our way there

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