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Private Island Experience for P800 in Lumot Lake of Cavinti, Laguna

Private Island Experience in Lumot Lake of Cavinti, Laguna

There are indeed times in your work life wherein you just want to escape and take a breather. Sometimes you just feel the weight of all the things you work on and the personal matters you deal with. All of these just make you want to escape reality and jump to a dreamland where everything is just "perfect". Now, luckily, place like this exist, and we were fortunate to uncover one in Cavinti, Laguna. My high school barkada was the one who discovered it online, and we did not let the opportunity pass soon after learning about it.

In this blog post, I will be sharing with you our private island experience as well as some activities you may enjoy doing here.

Sneak peek of the Paradise
The place has this lovable pristine feel that forces you to ease and loosen up. Just being there allows you to drop all the negatives in your life. Yeah, forget about them first, just relax!

Lumot Lave, Cavinti, Laguna

The island may not be as large as you imagine it to be, but here are still a lot of spaces for you to roam around. That's why even if you max out the number of people joining (i.e. fifteen), you may still find a personal space to be "alone", just in case you need one.

Duyan in Lumot Lake of Cavinti, Laguna

By the way, there are two dogs "guarding" the island, but they both are very playful. However, in case you have someone in the group who is scared of dogs, you may request to have them leashed and tied, although this really saddens up the dogs.

Not so sure if Siberian Husky

Taking a look at the house and the view inside
The house here in this private island has this Baguio-like feel with its wooden and natural elements. This also gives it a warm, homey and cozy feel adding up to the comfort you'll feel when you get here.

The House at the Lumot Lake, Cavinti, Laguna
Interior House at the Lumot Lake, Cavinti, Laguna

You can find only one bedroom here in this place, with two beds. One can accommodate 2 persons, while the other just one. Fret not because there are mattresses available where others may comfortably sleep. In our case, others even slept outside using the abaca mat called "banig". If only it didn't rain, they would have slept there the whole time.

Bedroom of the place in Lumot Lake, Cavinti, Laguna

By the way, you can find some board games to play here in the place (e.g. smash up and etc.). These are the ones you can find at the upper right corner of the photo above.

Another interesting feature of the house is this work/study/play area. hence, if you can't avoid bringing in work, you may do so here. You'll enjoy your productivity boost, since you'll get all the peace and quiet you need.

Work/Study Shack in Lumot Lake, Cavinti Laguna
Interior of the work/study/play area in Lumot Lake

There are two bathrooms available, and they both are decent enough not to disrupt comfort. Note however, that the water is sourced from the rain. Electricity is also available only from 6:00 pm to 12:00 mn.

Bathroom in private island in Lumot Lake, Cavinti Laguna

Now, that you have an idea of the place already, let's check out the activities you may enjoy here!

Activity #1 Nature appreciation. Once you reach the island via boat, you will easily fall in love with the beauty of the place. It also had this simplicity that captivates the heart.

Nature appreciation, Laguna

Activity #2 Chill. This place was designed to be sanctuary  -- a place away from the noise and distractions in life. You will definitely feel at peace just lying around all over the place!

Chilling in abaca mat "banig"

Activity #3 Soul searching. In connection with activity #2, you can do more than chilling by reflecting on life. You can sit anywhere in the island, feel the air and feel your heart beating. Allow thoughts to circulate as you examine your life. Again, this place is a sanctuary, your thoughts will be safe here.

Soul Searching Photographer in Lumot Lake, Laguna

Activity #4 Immersive reading. Here in this island, the only noise you'll be hearing is the one you generate. This makes it a perfect place to finish reading a novel. Your mind will be all cleared up allowing you to be far more imaginative as you read. This makes reading more pleasurable.

Activity #5 Photography. If you need to hone your craft, this place will be a fantastic practice ground for you, but if you are a pro already, you'll definitely find this place interesting to shoot.

Boat and sunset go well together

Activity #6 Getting that barkada candid photo. If you want to boast how cool your barkada/family is, you may want to make the most of the scenery. Everything around the place is picture-perfect for any of your selfies, groufies and whatnot.

Activity #7 Fishing. Although we weren't able to personally try this, the house taker mentioned that we can fish by the lake. Hmmm, sounds like an interesting thing to do, but we don't have the equipment.

Man by the lake - Laguna, Philippines

Activity #8 Cookout. If you are a foodie like me, you will definitely enjoy this activity! We cooked chicken inasal and grilled a tuna. Unfortunately, there is no fridge here in the place; hence, you need to plan well and ahead.

Preparing in the kitchen of Lumot Lake House

Activity #9 Campfire. If you haven't experience being around a campfire, you'll definitely have the opportunity to do so here. It was a first for me, and it was definitely memorable! You'll feel the warmth of the fire magically contradicted by the cool breeze touching your face.

Camp fire in Lumot Lake, Cavinti, Laguna

Activity #10 Stargazing. Pollution is not a thing here in this area, which is why the skies are all cleared up allowing you to vividly see the stars at night. Plus, for photography enthusiasts, you will definitely enjoy capturing the milky way and shooting stars.

Photo of stars in Lumot Lake, Cavinti, Laguna

Of course, there are other activities you can enjoy here in the place. I just shared with you some of them. It's up to the creativity of your group how you will enjoy your stay here, but for us, we chose the "chill path". Here's a photo of us before we left the paradise here in Lumot Lake.

Wander Kid in Lumot Lake, Cavinti, Laguna

Budget needed
The cost varies depending on the number of people joining in. To give you an idea let me share some calculations with you.
  • One (1) person - MIN - P2,883 || P2,883 each
  • Two (2) persons - P2,883 || P1,442 each
  • Five (5) persons - P5,023 || P1,005 each
  • Ten (10) persons P8,511 || P852 each
  • Fifteen (15) persons - MAX - P11,999 || P800 each
*All the prices above still exclude the fee/s charged by airbnb

If you haven't signed up yet, you may want to use my referral to get P2,090 off of your booking. Click here to sign up. For more details about the place, you may check out the page in Airbnb - Lumot Lake Private Island.

For those wanting to escape the city and all the stress with it, then I highly encourage you to take this place into consideration. Tag your friends along, and everything will definitely be so much better!

Thanks to my good friends Luis Del Rosario and Nat Chan for allowing me to use some of there awesome photos!

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