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Travel Guide for Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Causeway Bay is one of the popular districts to visit in Hong Kong due to its shopping opportunities. It's even hailed as one of the shopping districts of the country. Due to this, you will find a lot of life in Causeway even during the night. 

This travel guide is designed to provide a little light about the place. I know I am far from being an expert when it comes to Causeway Bay, but I just want to share with you my experience. Here in this blog post, I will be sharing about places to visit, to stay in and to dine in. Also, you will find here some of the things you can do here in Causeway Bay.

Travel Guide Details
Last page update: 02/08/16
Number of travels to Causeway Bay: 2
Travel History: February 2016

Let's begin this travel guide by giving you a preview of the place itself. I shot the first photo below during our first night. It was already about 10:00 pm that time yet there were still a lot of people walking by.

Being a shopping district, you can find a couple of malls here in Causeway Bay. An example would be Lee Gardens.

If you don't want to shop the conventional way, you may want to visit the streets of Causeway Bay for some night market shopping.

Night Street Market of Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Now if you want to visit other places, you can easily do so through these options: taking the [1] tramway, [2] double-decker buses, [3] MTR and [4] mini-buses or vans

Double Decker Bus in Hong Kong

The MTR is very much convenient and efficient as it connects you easily to other lines. This means that you won't have any problems checking out other parts of Hong Kong.

MTR of Hong Kong

These places, restaurants or hotels/hostels are listed not according to rank or anything. To know get more details about these places, check out the separate blog posts by checking out the links. 

Places to Visit
Place # 1 - Hysan Place. This mall is where you can find several restaurants offering various cuisines. Hence, if you are looking for some foodie adventure, you may want to visit this place.

Place # 2 - Times Square. If you want to observe the fast-paced life of the people here in Causeway Bay, you may want to check this place out. Plus, you will often find something interesting in the plaza!

Place # 3 - Stanley Plaza. Although not strictly in Causeway Bay, you can access this place by taking a mini bus. The structure and landscape of this place are both amazing, so it's really something you may want to see.

Where to Eat
Restaurant #1 - Ichiran RamenJapan's super famous ramen place has come to Hong Kong, and it's certainly a must-try! I was able to personally taste the original one in Japan, and the one here in Causeway Bay had the same awesomeness!

Ichiran Ramen in Hong Kong

Restaurant #2 - Cafe de Coral. Dubbed as the fast-food of Hong Kong, Cafe de Coral offers interesting collection of dishes. It's very popular here in Hong Kong, and it just feels customary to try dining here.

Cafe de Coral in Hong Kong

Restaurant #3 - 新發粥店 (New Prosperity). If you want to experience genuine Hong Kong food, you should really give this place a visit. It's where you can try the Hong Kong donuts!

新發粥店 (New Prosperity) in Hong Kong

Restaurant #4 - Honey Creme. Home of the famous premium soft ice cream, Honey Creme is indeed something you may want to check out. Well, we weren't able to try it out ourselves because we were no longer in the mood for some ice cream.

Honey Creme in Hong Kong

Where to Stay
Hostel #1 - Yesinn (悅思客棧). If you are looking for a simple place to stay where you can meet other fellow travelers, this will be perfect for you. Plus, there is free wi-fi as well as computers to use (free of charge).

Have an awesome travel my fellow wanderers! Rest assured that I will update this when I get opportunity to visit the place again. For now, feel free to comment below your suggestions.

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