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Times Square in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Times Square of Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Times Square is one of the known malls to visit here in Causeway Bay aside from Hysan Place. Tourists visit the place to find something interesting going on in the plaza. Plus, it's where you can enjoy people-watching. 

During our last day in Hong Kong, we decided to just walk around Causeway Bay and just make the best out of our short trip there. We asked one of the staff of Yesinn Hostel about good places we may visit, and she recommended to us this place called Times Square.

When we visited Hong Kong, I really had no idea which places to visit except of course Disney Land and Ocean Park. However, during this time, we were really operating under a small budget. Hence, what we did was to rely on sight-seeing. Well, it's free! Here in this blog post, I will be sharing with you some of the photos I took here in Times Square.

Here's a view of some building shot from the plaza of the Times Square, and below is the photo of me on the plaza itself.

Renz Cheng in Times Square, Hong Kong

Since it was December, the vibe was festive and the temperature was cool (at around 20°C). Also, during this time, Star Wars was intensely being marketed and this worked to our advantage.

Renz Cheng, Lego Star Wars

We were very much fascinated to see a lot of Star Wars characters in huge Lego form here in Times Square, so we didn't let the opportunity slip away without having our photos taken in some of the figures there.

Storm Trooper Legos in TImes Square, Hong KongStar Wars in Times Square, Hong Kong

I'm not a fan of Star Wars, well at least not yet since I haven't watch any of them, but I really got filled with fascination with them. The life-size Lego figures were just adorable!

Renz Cheng with Star War Stormtroopers Lego

Now, after almost 30 minutes of just enjoying the view from and on the plaza of Times Square, we decided to briefly check the mall itself.

Well, we didn't really stroll around the mall, since we felt that we couldn't risk being tempted to buy something especially with our limited budget, but all I can say is that I got all excited just observing the structure of the mall.

Of course, when I get the chance to visit the place once more, I will surely add more stories by updating this blog post, but for now, let me just thank you for taking the time to read this entry.

Times Square (Hong Kong) Quick Guide

Things to see/do: Enjoying the view of people rushing over to places they need to go. It's really interesting (but again, you can do this elsewhere). Also, you may want to see plaza where you can often find interesting displays such as the Star Wars Lego during our visit.

Budget needed: The only expense that you might incur is your transportation cost going to Causeway Bay. Of course, if you intend to shop, you'll also need to set aside a budget for it.

Is it wander-worthy? This place becomes wander-worthy when there are displays on the plaza, but other than that, Times Square is just your ordinary mall here in Hong Kong.

How to get there: You can reach Times Square by riding the MTR and stopping by the Causeway Bay station. Then, you just need to walk your way to Times Square. You may use the map below to locate the place and get a more detailed direction from Google Maps.

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