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Strolling around Hysan Place of Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Restaurants in Hysan Place of Causeway Bay

When we traveled to Hong Kong to participate in a business convention, we decided to stay in Causeway Bay. Friends told us that it was a great choice because it's one of the "busiest" districts known for shopping.

It was my first time in Hong Kong (not counting the time I went there when I was still a kid). Hence, I didn't know the great places to check out. This is why we chose the easy way and just asked the receptionist of Yesinn Hostel (read more), which is the place where we stayed, of popular places we can go to -- one of those was Hysan Place. She noted that this is a nice place to try different dishes because there is a food court where you can try some Vietnamese, Thai, Korean and etc.

In this blog post, I'm going to share with you my documentation of the place. Unfortunately, we didn't try any of the restaurants there, but I just wanted to give you a virtual tour, so I''m just sharing with you my photos. I hope you'll enjoy this.

Hysan Place in Hong Kong

It was December when we visited this place, and Hysan Place just rode the Christmas wave. This added beauty to the place, making it a great attraction. Of course, the set-up was also a great backdrop for a photo.

Renz Cheng in Hysan Place - Christmas

It was truly fascinating when we started going up to the mall itself. I was filled with extreme joy, especially that it was my first mall to visit. The structure and interior of the place looked ordinary, but in my eyes, it was magical. Maybe that's really the effect of being under the spell of euphoria.

Interior of Hysan Place, Causeway Bay

Anyway, the restaurant is somewhere in the upper floor (11th if I'm not mistaken). It can be accessed through one of the elevators there, and since I was pretty much into the moment of documenting everything, I took this photo while going up to KitchenEleven.

Renz Cheng and Roan Silverio in Hysan Place, Hong Kong

Frankly speaking, you won't find something very different with how everything looks, but again, my extreme happiness altered my vision. It was like having a Google Glasses on.

Kitchen Eleven (11) of Hysan Place

Basically, we just explored the restaurant/food stores around, so I'm going to share some of the here. Let's begin with Pizzamaru!

Pizzamaru in Hysan Place

As the name suggests, this store serves up special pizzas. Unfortunately, I found the prices a bit scary.

Hokkaido Dairy Farm of Hysan Place

There's also this store named Hokkaido Dairy Farm. It's a Milk Restaurant, and I don't know what that means.

Now, if you are craving Vietnamese in Hong Kong, you may want to check this store out called Viet's Choice.

Curry House CoCo Ichibanya in Hysan Place

I was really eyeing for this restaurant called CoCo Ichibanya because I was craving for curry, but it was still not open when we were there. Still, I think I need to try this someday.

Chilli n Spice is where you can find modern Chinese food. That's all I can say about it for now.

If you are looking for some dessert, maybe this store called Honeymoon Dessert will appeal to you. They have cakes and other interesting items.

Unfortunately, I still can't read much Chinese, so I can't translate as well the name of this store in English, so let's just skip it for now.

Another restaurant that appealed to me was this Japanese store without an English name. Hmm, maybe I'm just a huge fan of Japanese cuisine, and by the way, tune in here in this blog, since I'll be visiting Japan pretty soon.

Renz Cheng in Hysan Place of Hong Kong

Anyway, that's the end of this blog post. I hope you still find this blog post interesting and possibly useful! By the way, please don't forget to like my Facebook Page and subscribe here in this blog. I'll be happy to share more stories with you.

Hysan Place (Hong Kong) Quick Guide

Things to see/do: Aside from shopping, Hysan Place is known for its Kitchen Eleven where you can find restaurants of different cuisines.

Budget needed: The only expense that you might incur is your transportation cost going to Causeway Bay. Also, if you are going to have your lunch or dinner here, you'll also need a budget for that.

Is it wander-worthy? This place becomes wander-worthy if you are craving for various cuisines to enjoy. However, if you are really looking for Hong Kong dishes, you should check other places instead.

How to get there: You can reach Hysan Place by riding the MTR and stopping by the Causeway Bay station. Then, you just need to take a short walk going to this place. You may use the map below to locate the place and get a more detailed direction from Google Maps.

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