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Yesinn Hostel (悅思客棧) in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Yesinn Hostel (悅思客棧) in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

When we visited Hong Kong for a conference about FinTech called FINNOVASIA 2015, we booked our entire stay here in this place called Yesinn. Well, we were just running on a limited budget; hence, we opted for something more affordable. This hostel was recommended by a friend, so we gave it a go. Here in this blog post, I will be sharing with you how happy we were that we trusted our friend's recommendation!

Entrance of Yesinn in Tang Lung Street

From the airport to Yesinn Hostel
From the airport we rode a bus labeled with A11 (this is how you easily identify the buses you need to ride going to certain destinations). Then we rode down the bus at Stop 13 which is the Wan Chai Fire Station. Afterwards, we took a 1-minute walk going to Yesinn.

Yesinn Logo at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

The Location
Yesinn Hostel is a good place to stay because of good proximity to the things you may need. The Causeway Bay Station of the MTR is just a few walks away. There is also a nearby McDonalds and KFC where you may grab something to eat. Convenience stores are also spread out near the place, so you don't have much to worry.

Yesinn Hostel Reception Desk - Causeway Bay

The Hostel
The lobby/reception desk of Yesinn is located at the second floor (2/F) of the building. We booked online, but we only paid 12% of the total as down payment. When we arrived, we needed to pay in full before getting our keys. The staff may not look enthusiastically welcoming, but they seem nice and friendly.

There is a deposit needed amounting to HKD100 which you may receive back after you return the keys as well as drop the bed sheet, cover and pillow case.

The lobby is one of the really interesting spots here in Yesinn. It is where you may have the opportunity to meet up with fellow travelers. Most of them are really friendly and nice. In fact, we were able to meet people from Germany, Finland, USA, China, France, Taiwan, Denmark and Zimbabwe. It was crazy yet outrageously fun!

Yesinn Hostel in Causeway Bay

Aside from being a melting pot, the lobby also features some books which you may want to quickly browse through as you rest. Now, let us further check out the free services you may avail here.

You may find this small kitchen space in the side of the lobby where you can enjoy some free coffee and tea. Plus, you may store some of your goods in the refrigerator. You may even cook if you are really in a thrift mode.

Kitchen area of Yesinn Hostel in Causeway Bay

You also have free access of the computers here, so if you need to search up directions going to places you have in mind (or if not, you may search one up here as well). There is also a printer but Yesinn charges a certain fee per page.

Computer area of Yesinn Hostel

Now, you may also get a quick massage using this chair if you feel all tired with your tour.

Yesinn Hostel Massage Chair - Causeway Bay

Aside from the lobby, the roof top (9/F) is also another area where various cultures meet. It's where some of the travelers chill out when they have nothing much to do.

Yesinn Hostel Merchandise

Okay, so how about we now check the room out? 

The Room
The room is more than decent, and it is actually both comfy and homey. However, do take note that the way it works here is different than the regular hotels, since again this is a hostel.

Yesinn Hostel - Room 5C

When you go inside the room, you will see about 9 bed spaces. You may be assigned to the Level 1, 2 or 3, but I think they accept requests if spaces are still available. Also, you may opt for the male-only room, the female-only room and the mixed room.

The one we went for was the mixed room, since we were really clingy with each other. By the way, I wasn't able to get a nice shot of the place because by the time I had the chance to snap a photo, all the spaces were all filled up (which explains the pink towels, and I am not being defensive, okay?)

Room View of Yesinn Hostel (Mixed Room), Causeway Bay

I am not sure if this applies to this room only, but the room light is not working. Well, I think it was done so in purpose in order to respect those who may be sleeping already.

Bath room of Yesinn Hostel, Causeway Bay

Hot shower is also available, just don't commit the same mistake of not switching it on before you enter the toilet. Tissue is available as well, but not the towels. However, you may rent one at HKD10 but you need to have a deposit of HKD20.

For your valuables, you may want to store them inside the safe here. Each one is given access to a secured personal storage box.

Storage Box of Yesinn Hostel

Although it may look so modest, the bed and the sheets are all clean, soft and fluffy. There is also a personal lamp light which you may turn on whenever you need to do something. Plus there are sockets for each bed space.

Bed in Yesinn Hostel, Causeway Bay

There you go! I hope you find this blog post about Yesinn useful, and by the way, let me just share with you this photo with one of the staff here in Yesinn. She's one of the two kababayans working here in this hostel.

Renz Cheng in Yesinn Hotel

Yesinn Hostel - Overall Ratings and Summary
Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars. The ratings apply solely to this dining experience.

Comfort ★★★☆
Rest Room  
Value for Money ★★
Budget: rates vary depending on certain days, but ours was at an average of HKD139/person per night or approximately P840

Tipid tip: Booking a hotel here in Pillows Hotel via allows you to earn cash back of P400 when you use your Shopback Account. If you don't know how to go about it, you may check this out: Shopback - Earn Rebates as You Book Online (read more)

Given this experience, I highly recommend Yesinn Hostel for those who are traveling on a budget and those who are contented with a simple yet awesome place to stay. One of the things I really love was having the opportunity to learn about the culture of others through the other travelers we met. It was just a wonderful and enriching experience!

Alright, let me hear out your thoughts. Share a comment below. Thanks!

Yesinn (悅思客棧)
Location: 2/F, Nan Yip Building (Entrance on Tang Lung Street), 472, Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Contact Number: +852-22134567 (Hong Kong)

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