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Sky Experience Adventure and Sights in Cebu City

One of the traditional things to do when you visit Cebu City is to drop by the Crown Regency Hotel where you can have the Sky Experience Adventure. Overlooking the famous landmark called Fuente Osmeña Circle, the Sky Lounge brings you activities involving heights and of course sights.

We opted to visited at dawn to night because we wanted to see how the city would be illuminated at night. However, we realized that it may not be too wise if you are looking after a great shot of you while doing the activities. In return, the experience (I think) is much better because of the coolness of the air and the great view of the city lights.

The Packages
Access only - P250
Combo One - P550 (1 ride)
Combo Two - P750 (2 rides)
Combo Three - P1,000 (3 rides)

Sky One - P750 (1 ride plus dinner buffet)
Sky Duo - P900 (2 rides plus dinner buffet)

Among the packages, what we opted for was the Sky Duo (P900) which is already inclusive of 2 rides and a buffet dinner at the Sparkz Restobar (read more) inside the hotel. The first one we picked to do was the Edge Coster. It's a ride wherein you will be revolving around the building tilted up to 45º.

Edge Coster of Sky Experience

You may go solo or with someone when you ride the Edge Coster, and since we were three in the group, I was the one who was left to do solo. However, the staff assisting in the ride offered to join me. Since I was a little chicken that time, I grabbed the opportunity.

After this ride, we needed to wait for a while because the zip line was still not available yet. There were not so many customers during that time, so the staff who joined me in the Edge Coaster toured us across the viewing areas.

He even allowed us to check out the rock climbing area where we had some "photo op".

Rock Climbing in Sky Experience Adventure Cebu

Before I share with you the photos we had while doing the short tour, let me share this photo of me while at the zip-line. My friends actually teased me of looking like a construction worker here. Well, I hope you don't have the same observation as them.

Ziplining in Cebu City - Renz Cheng

Okay, now let me proceed with sharing the photos we had while doing the tour around the Sky Lounge.

Sky Experience Adventure in Cebu

The good thing about visiting the place at night is how the photo is illuminated by tiny bright lights from the city. The consequence however is that you need a good camera and some knowledge shooting at night. Or else, your photo may not be good as it gets (like some of the photos here). It was a good thing that the staff who assisted us has already acquired some skills taking photos at night.

Emilfredo Ong, Renz Cheng and Elaine Franco in Cebu

It was really a fun experience to just feel all loose while doing the tour. Mix this up with good company, cool air and fascinating sights and you'll get something wonderful.

Alright, so there you go! I hope you enjoyed this preview of what you may find in Sky Experience Adventure.

Renz Cheng in Sky Lounge Cebu

Above's a photo of me looking for the love of my life at the bright lights of Cebu City. Friends, do share your insights by commenting below.

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