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5 Things to Do in Philippine Taoist Temple of Cebu City

Philippine Taoist Temple in Cebu City

During our last day in Cebu, we wanted to tour around the city, so that's when we ended up here in the famous Philippine Taoist Temple. When this idea was offered on the table, I was not excited. I was thinking that there would be nothing much to do in the place. However, when we arrived at the place I was bewildered by the beauty as well as the peace lingering in the air. Here in the blog post I will be giving you a brief tour of the place as well as the things you may appreciate doing here.

First thing to note is that there are no entrance fee or whatsoever to enter the temple. Second is you don't need to worry about the parking because there is a parking area (still no fee).

Philippine Taoist Temple

Now, a more important thing to note is that you will be entering a temple. Hence, you should pay respect by maintaining silence and peace. The people in the temple respect everyone regardless of religion/spirituality; hence, it is just right that we give them respect as well. There are areas where you can take photos, but there are also those where you cannot. Respect this.

Arch in the Philippine Taoist Temple of Cebu

Activity #1 Sightseeing. Just by the entrance alone, you will be fascinated by the beauty of the place. It got this China-feels all around making you feel like you are in another country.

Stairs to Philippine Taoist Temple in CebuStairs to Philippine Taoist Temple in Cebu

Activity #2 - Soul-searching. The temple and more generally the place is known for meditation and peace. Hence, if you are feeling troubled, and you need to decide on something big for your life. You may want to drop by and just reflect. Also, there is this thing where you ask for a sign regarding a question that is bugging you. This is communication to the supernatural being via a pair of kidney shape wooden blocks.

Philippine Taoist Temple in Cebu

The cool breeze here helps in freeing the mind and spirit. I could actually spend a couple of hours just by sitting here and wondering about things.

Taoist Temple in Cebu City

Activity #3 Bebe-waving. Due to the beautiful and captivating surrounding, this place provides a lot of picture-perfect moments. Most, if not all, your shots will seem like you are really in a different place (friends may even think that you are in other country).

Renz Cheng, Emil Ong and Elaine Franco in Taoist Temple of Cebu

Cebu Taoist Temple GardenCebu Taoist Temple Stairs

Activity #4 Turtle-watching. If you are fascinated with animals, you will mostly enjoy watching these turtles. I bet that these are decades old. I couldn't help but think of Master Oogway of Kung Fu Panda.

Turtles in a pond

By the way, the place is not as small as you may think. In fact, there are really a lot of corners and areas to explore.

Taoist Temple in Cebu City

Activity #5 Pseudo-traveling. As mentioned, you may seem like you are in another country when you go here and have your photos taken. This part of the temple resembles the Great Wall of China making it really a famous attraction for tourists.

China-like scenery in Philippine Taoist Temple

Alright, so this ends my blog post, and I hope you like this view from the Great Wall.

Renz Cheng in Philippine Taoist Temple of Cebu

This "Great Wall" is getting a lot of attention in the internet because it's really feels like you are traveling in China or similar countries. This explains the flock of people taking selfies along this stretch.

Philippine Taoist Temple Quick Guide

Things to see/do: Enjoy the tranquility and China-like ambiance of the place

Budget needed: None but you may give out a donation as a token of gratitude

Is it wander-worthy? Yes! Even with just 5 things to enjoy, it truly is refreshing to drop by the temple -- something perfect for your weekend getaway!

How to get there: I honestly don't have any idea how to commute your way here, since we just took a cab to visit the place. Anyway, just in case you'll need it, here's a map for navigating your way to the Philippine Taoist Temple.

If you have something in mind that you would like to share, please don't hesitate to share them with us. Would definitely love to hear from you!

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