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Magellan's Cross - a famous landmark in Cebu City!

The Magellan's Cross has been one of the traditional places to visit in Cebu because of its rich historical relevance. It has been claimed that the cross was indeed first planted in this spot, and this eventually led to the Spanish-era of the Philippines. Also, this I believe marked the start of Christianity here in our country. Anyway, here in this blog post, I'll be sharing about the place here including places nearby which you may also want to visit.

Let's start off with the City Hall. Magellan's Cross is located almost at the front where the cross is located.

Cebu City Hall

Basilica del Santo Niño is a church that was built centuries ago, and it is equally as important and fascinating as the Magellan's Cross. Unfortunately, during our visit, the Magellan's Cross area and the church was undergoing a renovation; hence, we couldn't see their full beauty.

Basilica del Santo Niño

Also, when we dropped by, there was an ongoing rosary prayer at the seemingly plaza of the basilica. I found it amazing that such structure exist here in the heart of Cebu City.

Basilica del Santo Niño Cebu City

Now, let us now check out the Magellan's Cross. Actually, there is nothing much to see, just the cross itself with some paintings on the ceiling. Also, I observed that people were offering candles below the cross, which according to the "prayer warriors" are wishes that you pray for. Well, since I felt like it has already been a customary practice to do so, I bought some candles to offer.

Surprisingly, the candles weren't cheap at all, but I was assured that the money will be spent for a good cause. After purchasing the candles from the prayer warriors (photo shown below), they stated some prayers while waving off the candles. Afterwards, I took the moment to be solemn and prayed for some of my wishes.

Manangs praying with the candles in Magellan's Cross

Anyway, this concludes the blog post, and I surely hope that you find something helpful in this. Do drop a comment if you have some ideas or stories to share. Thanks! 

Candles in Magellan's Cross

Here is the map of Magellan's Cross just in case you need to navigate your way there!

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