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Bacolod Pavillon Resort - Hotel Review

Bacolod Pavillon Resort

When we traveled to Bacolod to work on a couple of things for a client, we tried searching for a good place to stay that would help us relax after a day's work. Hence, when we came across this place called Bacolod Pavillon Resort during our online search, we knew that we just found it. Here in this blog post I'm going to provide details of our experience staying here, so that you'll have an idea of this hotel resort.

Now, before I begin with this review, I just want to make provide a little clarification, since you might get confused. There are two things that you will find in this vicinity. The first one is the Bacolod Pavillon Hotel, and the second one is Bacolod Pavillon Resort. Both of these are under the same management, but the primary difference lies on their names.

Bacolod Pavillon Hotel vs Bacolod Pavillon Resort
The Bacolod Pavillon Hotel is the typical hotel with about 6 floors. On the other hand, the Bacolod Pavillon Resort is the typical resort with bungalow houses. Hence, instead of an actual room, you'll be staying in an apartment-like "rooms".

Bacolod Pavillon Resort

The Location
Bacolod's Pavillon is located in a compound which makes it feel isolated. This may be a good thing for those who want to be away from the street noise. Despite this so-called "isolation", The SM Bacolod is just some meters away from the hotel, which makes it convenient for you to find a place to eat and/or buy groceries. If you ride a cab, you will just be paying about P55 from the hotel to the mall.

The Resort
Of course, a resort will not be called as such without any pool. The one found here in this place is not that grand, but it definitely is above sufficient to have a good time.

Bacolod Pavillon Resort - Pool

Unfortunately, I was not able to plunge in because the morning that I decided to take a swim, the pool was a little dirty. I couldn't totally blame the management because there was a party the night before it. Still, it could have been better if they were able to clean it up on time.

Bacolod Pavillon Resort - Pool

Well, anyway, what I did was just to walk around the pool area to grab some fresh air. At least, I still got my "fresh" morning start.

The Room
We availed the Executive Suite Room during our 2 night-stay here in the resort. It got this cozy and homey interior that emits an air of comfort. Also, there is a lot of free space that made us feel highly free and relaxed.

Bacolod Pavillon Resort Executive Suite Room

The room has the following: CRT TV, refrigerator, toiletries and towels. These may seem to be basic, but given the room rate, I think they were enough.

Bacolod Pavillon Resort Executive Suite Interior

The air-conditioning unit can cool up the entire room fast, which was something we really liked. I was not able to take a snapshot of the rest room, but it was neat and okay.

Bacolod Pavillon Resort - Executive Suite Room Beds

Although not totally fluffy, the beds were still comfortable enough to keep our nights peaceful and relaxing, except that one of my roomies kept on unintentionally pulling the blanket from me, but that is beyond the control of the management of course.

The Breakfast
The room rate that we availed of is inclusive of a breakfast for two (2). I want to share some of the ones we had in order to give you an idea as well.

Tocino and egg Breakfast

By the way, you have the option of having your breakfast delivered to your room. The dish includes a cup of rice, an egg and a viand of your choice (e.g. corned beef, tocino, tapa, longanisa and chorizo). It also comes with a cup of coffee.

Filipino Breakfast - Corned Beef
Filipino Breakfast - Chorizo

Room Rates (as of October 2015)
Executive Suite Room (w/ breakfast for 2) - P2,000
De Luxe Room (w/ breakfast for 2) - P1,500
Suite Room (w/out breakfast) - P1,350
Standard Room "2 single bed" (w/out breakfast) - P900
Standard Room "Matrimonial) - P1,000
Extra Bed @ P336
Extra Breakfast @120

Note: Bacolod Pavillon Resort accepts Mastercard and Visa Credit Card Payments

Bacolod Pavillon Resort - Overall Ratings and Summary
Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars. The ratings apply solely to this dining experience.

Comfort ★★
Amenities  ★★
Rest Room  ★★
Value for Money ★★
Budget: Please refer to the room rates above to guide you in your budgeting

I am still giving this place a good recommendation because of the relaxing surrounding. Plus, I really think that the room is above decent. If you are the type of person who enjoys some great garden-y scenery, then I'm highly suggesting this place. However, if you are looking for great room interior and amenities, then you may want to search for other hotels here in Bacolod.

Bacolod Pavillon Resort
Location: Burgos Ext., Reclamation Area, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Contact Number: (034) 433 9620, 433 9562

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