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Shopback - Earn Rebates as You Shop and Book Online!

Shopback Rebates Philippines

There is a new rebates platform that I got exposed to just recently. It is called Shopback, and I believe it's affiliated with AirAsia (since it is where I found about this). As you may know, I am always enthusiastic about rebates. It's something that excites me because it stretches my wallet and provide me higher spending power. Now, I just want to share this with you, so that you can experience this same excitement.

The concept is pretty easy, and it can be summarized into three steps:

1. Click
Click on the online store or booking site that you want to do transaction with. Make sure that you are clicking it from the Shopback page. This is important because this adds the referral cookie which will validate your cashback. Note, that you should also not refresh the page to ensure proper crediting of cashback.

To ensure successful cashback:
  • Do not click on coupon websites 
  • Only use coupons that Shopback provides
  • Use the same device throughout (eg. Mobile, Tablet, Desktop) 
  • Enable cookies on your device

2. Shop
Just proceed as usual. Search for your favorite brands, hotels and etc, and shop.

3. Cashback
After you finish shopping, you will receive an email 1~2 days from the date of purchase indicating that you just earned your rebate. Note however that cashback may take up to 60 days to become redeemable (ready for cash out) as some Merchant Partners may take up to 45 days to confirm commission to Shopback. This is also made to account for refunds and returns.

I know 60 days maybe too long, but you won't lose anything anyway.

In my case, I already got excited enough to give it a try. So, what I did was to purchase something from Lazada. After a few days, I received an email saying that I just received my cashback!

How will you receive the cashback?
Cashback will be credit to your indicated bank (choice of BPI, BDO, Metrobank, East West Bank, China Bank, Security Bank, RCBC, UCPB and Unionbank) or via Paypal, depending on your preferences. Note, however, that you may only request for cash out once you reach the P300 cash out threshold.

Popular Partner Stores of Shopback
  • Lazada - up to 10% cashback
  • Zalora - up to 12% cashback
  • Agoda - up to P499 cashback
  • Ensogo - up to 5% cashback
  • Expedia - up to 8% cashback
  • For a complete list of stores, you may want to check the Merchant page

If you frequently buy/book from these online sites, you really may want to consider signing up here in Shopback. There is really nothing to lose.

By the way, you may want to sign up under this referral link so you can receive an initial rebate of P100 to be added on your first purchase.

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