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The Puerto Princesa, Palawan Adventures of a Yuppie (3/ 3)

It’s truly difficult to accept the fact that time flies too fast when you are enjoying. It seemed like it was just hours that passed, but we were now on our third and last day by the time we knew it. For this day, we were given the liberty to enjoy the resort. A huge chunk of our trip was spent in some places else, and so this opportunity was totally needed for.

FSRM Beach Volleyball in Blue Palawan - Outing 2015

Since I didn’t stay up too late the other night, I was able to wake up at 6:00 am. Well, actually it’s the fault of my awesome friend, Troy Palanca. He forgot to unset his alarm, so by the time it hit 6:00 am, the alarm of his phone went completely hysterical. I couldn’t go back to sleep anymore after that, so I just decided to do some morning swim.

There were only 3 of us in the pool, so I get to do some lapping. After about an hour, people started joining in the pool.

Since this was a free day, I wanted to do as many things as possible, so I went for some kayaking (unfortunately, I don’t have photos for documentation). Afterwards, I played a little of monkey-in-the-middle the Frisbee way, where I was the monkey most of the time.

Monkey-in-the-Middle with Frisbee in Blue Palawan

I also joined in the beach volleyball game as a substitute, and lucky we emerged as victors.

FSRM Beach Volleyball - Blue Palawan - Outing 2015

Afterwards, we headed back to the pool to play Marco Polo.

Roan Silverio and Fitz Balba - Marco Polo

FSRM plays Marco Polo in Blue Palawan, Puerto Princesa

It all ended when I became “it”, and everyone went out of the pool without me knowing.

Renz Cheng in Blue Palawan Resort

I initially thought that things will go slower that morning because we could just chill and do whatever we wanted.However, it was otherwise. Eventually, it was time for us to bid Blue Palawan goodbye, and so we took this final photo in the resort.

FSRM Family in Blue Palawan Resort for Outing 2015

We then headed to the city to have a short tour. Our first destination was Mitra’s Ranch, and it was such a lovely place.

Mitra's Ranch in Palawan

Mitra's Ranch is famous because the one who used to reside there was the famous governor of Puerto Princesa. The house exudes a great comforting appeal resonating from the wooden interior and structure.

Mitra's Ranch interior

Mitra's Ranch in Palawan

Since the house looks extremely, we didn't let the opportunity to have a photo slip away.

Renz Cheng, Roan Silverio, Shawn Lim and Kyle Velasco in Palawan

Aside form the home itself being such a beauty, there's a breathtaking view of a spectacular landscape. Plus, you can avail of some activities there such as horseback riding.

Andrea Gonzales riding a horse in Palawan - Mitra's Ranch

Here's a photo together with my great friends, Myles and Gigi.

Myles Sia, Gigi Malit and Renz Cheng

And here's another with my fellow New Hires Forevermore (NHFM).

FSRM New Hires Forevermore

Now following Mitra's Ranch was Baker’s Hill which is another popular tourist destination. The great thing about this place is the touch of humor integrated in its concept. You'll find there quotable quotes, witty tag lines, hugot lines and more!

Renz Cheng in Baker's Hill in Palawan

Now, let's go over some of those hugot lines.

"Hindi ko kinalimutan na mahal kita. Tinandaan ko lang na mas mahal mo siya."
Baker's Hill Hugot Lines

"Minsan kailangan natin masaktan bago tayo matauhan"
Emil Ong in Baker's Hill

"Ang hirap maging pangalawa sa taong lagi mong inuuna" 

Aside from witty and hugot lines, there are also things such as this:

Fitz Balba in Baker's Hill, Palawan

You'll really have a lot of photo opportunities around Baker's Hill. Who wouldn't have the urge to do so, especially in this case:

Renz Cheng and Emil Ong in Baker's Hill, Palawan

Now, there's something you should keep in mind when visiting to Baker's Hill -- "Bawal Magdate" or "No Dating"
Gigi Malit and Renz Cheng in Baker's Hill, Palawan

After Baker's Hill, we dropped by another souvenir shop (which name I couldn't remember).

Fitz Balba, Renz Cheng and Myles Sia in Palawan

After everything else, we then made a stop in St. Clare Cathedral to cap our city tour. This, then, signaled that we were about to leave Puerto Princesa. It was bittersweet.

St. Clare Cathedral in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

I wasn’t able to take any photos after this final stop, but thankfully my extremely bubbly friend, Fitz, got to document some of the things that happen after.

Here’s a photo of us in one of the eateries near the airport having our dinner, since our flight got a little delayed. By the way, food is expensive as expected. And the cheesy fries totally deceived us.

Fitz Balba, Renz Cheng, Myles Sia and Emil Ong

To cap of the night and ultimately the FSRM Outing 2015, we took this groufie before boarding the plane. By this time, I was already feeling a bit sad because the trip was all over.

FSRM New Hires Forevermore (NHFM) Puerto Princesa Airport

After boarding the plane, I couldn’t help but ponder on the things that just happened. It was truly epic! The memories formed out of the 3-day getaway were really precious, and whenever I remember those days, I can’t help but get lost in my thoughts.

Luckily, my friend, Andrea Gonzales, was able to capture the precious fragments of the outing, and came up with this video. This actually sums up most of our experience in Palawan:

FSRM Palawan 2015 from Andrea Gonzalez on Vimeo.

Thank you FSRM for being a second family. Everything we did was nothing short of awesome. Cheers! 

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