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Experiencing Bituing Walang Ningning The Musical

Bituing Walang Ningning The Musical

The Bituing Walang Ningning The Musical featured a great production that fantastically employs the traditional and modern techniques (i.e. usage of projected images and LCD screens). This, combined with the almost seamless transitioning and the amazing performers, resulted to a wonderful performance that really left a "musical high" on me.

Renz Cheng - Bituing Walang Ningning

What I generally loved the most in this musical was the modern twist applied in the story line as well as the integration of fresh and funny humor in between. There are also unexpected moments that may bring you to tears (especially when you are able to connect with the characters).

Also, the musical prowess of the main cast was surely unbelievable! Emotions are poured into each song enabling the performers to easily connect with the viewers.

All of these just proved how much potential our writers and performers have. If only we could have been more supportive, they would have been extremely spectacular. However, I believe it's not yet too late. Hence, let's start giving the industry the support that they deserve.

I'm not an expert on musical, but if I'll be given the chance to rate it, I'll be giving it 8 out of 10.

Healthy Realization *SPOILER ALERT*

I just want to share with you a beautiful scene where I am reminded of two lessons as exhibited by the two main characters.

This scene pertains to the last scene when Dorina said goodbye to the show business and ultimately acknowledged Lavinia as the only superstar.

From Dorina's end, I was reminded of the art of letting go, as she understood perfectly that there are things worth giving up because someone needs it more than we do. It was actually a win-win scenario, since both of them got who/what they love.

From Lavinia's end, I was reminded that even those who seem to be the meanest has a soft spot. They just need understanding, and soon enough albeit slowly they'll realize things in life that might lead them to change.

Schedule and Ticket Prices
Catch this wonderful Filipino musical this October for its second run as we give support to the Philippine arts and theater industry!

SVIP - P3,330
VIP - P2,500
Gold - P1,900
Silver - P1,400
Bronze - P1,000

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