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Time to Help Outreach Program in Sitio Darlig of Capas, Tarlac

Sitio Darlig, Capas, Tarlac

It's been a while since I last updated this blog as well as my food blog, and I'm missing the old days when I have more time for these things. Anyway, thankfully I got to spare a porton of my free time to craft this journal-blog post with you detailing what transpired during our Time to Help visit in Sitio Darlig.

The Journey to Sitio Darlig
The sun had not shown itself yet when I left our home. Everything was still gloomy and dark. I was still sleepy and a little bit grumpy. However, as I began traversing my way to the assembly place, things started to ease up, coincidentally marked by the gradual illumination of the skies. It was a blissful metaphor. I felt more hope not only for myself but also for the people whom we will share that gleam with.

Journey to Sitio Darlig of Capas, Tarlac

The bus, filled with once strangers, was all cramped up with the goods to be distributed. I was excited, and pretty much scared since I don't know how I would feel after this. Well, I know for myself that this is part of my bigger dream, but I just felt frightened by what I may realized afterwards. Questions such as "What if this is really not my passion?", "If indeed it is not, will this create a dent in my identity since all along I know that it is?" and "Am I ready to engage myself in this?" However, I pushed them aside and tried to enjoyed the thrill.

Water Lily Plant

The ride took about 2 hours from Quezon City to Capas, Tarlac, and it took us additional half an hour to walk our way to Sitio Darlig. This is where a huge part of adventure began. I got to experience (1) baking under the sun as we walked a mile or two (2) be enchanted by the relaxing beauty of nature and (3) ponder on life as I take a breather.

On the way to Sitio Darlig, Tarlac
The Beautiful Sitio Darlig in Tarlac

Reaching the sitio was a victory in itself, I got overwhelmed by both the exhaustion and excitement. It was a first time, and I couldn't help but be proud of myself for taking a step futher in achieving my ambitious dream.

Bright smile of a kid in Sitio Darlig

Smiles of the kids were heart warming. There's nothing more priceless than being welcomed by glimmering smiles and shimmering eyes.

Soon after we started the program by grouping the kids, and having a simple game -- apple eating contest. They were eager to win. I couldn't help but see their potential, and their thirst to accomplish something big in life. I could see through them. I could see an abundance of dreams within them, and I couldn't stop hoping that they will be able to sustain it.

Apple eating contest
Rochelle Ann Silverio in Sitio Darlig

Next in line was a story telling followed by a fun snack time where the kids had some spaghetti, hotdogs and juice. It was interesting how much they enjoyed the food. Some ate them with a hint of confusion (perhaps they find the taste weird), while most ate them with smiles on their faces.

Renz Kristofer Cheng in Sitio Darlig, Tarlac

The program ended with a distribution of basic school supplies and slippers to the kids followed by the distribution of basic commodities to the household heads and medicine to the chieftain. I let out an air of exasperation as a wave of confusion struck me too hard. Thoughts suddenly flowed through my mind like the gushing water from a broken dam. Many of them were puzzling. I got scared. My imagination was weaving multiple unpleasant scenarios.

Questions filled my mind. What if these kids get used to being helped with. Will they still dream big and strive for those dreams? I got frightened. I didn't want them to pick up this kind of message. I want them to grow full of hope with huge appetite for achieving greatness in life. I know simplicity and contentment are great principles, but when un-managed they may also be poisons in finding the true meaning of one's existence.

I tried thinking over these questions -- attempting to provide myself some peace of mind by finding a source of assurance that these things won't happen. However, the future is uncertain, and so in the end, all these questions remained unanswered.

At the end of the day, with all my helplessness, the only thing that I was able to do is to offer a simple prayer and to lift up all my qualms. Afterwards, I felt an overwhelming peace knowing that He'll never leave their side. I know that in the end, they will be basking in the light.

Kabun Mountaineers and Volunteers in Sitio Darlig
Photo grabbed from Nestor Torres Macalinao Jr
All thanks to Kabun Mountaineers for making this possible and for having us tag along. I'm looking forward to more of this in the days to come!

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