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ZAP Philippines - Get Rebates and Cash Back on Your Purchases!

The ZAP Tag
The ZAP Tag makes it more convenient for you to earn Rebates!
Hello there dear friends! I want to introduce something new to you again that will help in curbing some of your expenses, and it's nothing but ZAP Philippines!

Watchful Spending
Before we head on to discussing what ZAP is, I first want to emphasize that as much as possible, we should carefully watch on our spending. This means that we should focus more on the necessary expenses (i.e. needs) rather than our wants, so that we can have better savings that we may use for future investments.

On the other hand, I also understand that is important to provide ourselves with some rewards for a job well done or for a productive day once in a while! Luckily, somebody just invented the ZAP Card, which we may use to somehow reduce our spending for these stuff (i.e. 2% to 20% off)

What is ZAP?
ZAP is a system that enables consumers to earn rebates and rewards when transacting with its partner merchants. It also has a unique feature of awarding a Jackpot cash-back to the highest purchases in each partner merchant every month.

How can you use ZAP?
The first thing you need to do is register an account online for FREE. You will be required to fill in your mobile number, which is the number you'll be coding in the ZAP facility in the stores to earn yourself rebates and to use them. You will be required to add a security 6-Digit PIN of your choice, to prevent unauthorized access.

Using the ZAP Tag
If you don't want to always typing-in your mobile number when using your ZAP card, you may want to get yourself a ZAP Tag for only P100 and just tap away! This tag can be ordered online. However, take note that this is NOT REQUIRED for you to avail and use ZAP. What it provides is convenience! In fact, you can stick the tag on your phone, so you will not misplace it (unless you misplace your phone), and you'll have it with you all the time!

Registering an Account
If you intend to create an account, I am urging you to use this link:

This is a referral link that will provide us both 30 points equivalent to P30. If you don't use this link, which you are free to do so, you won't be getting any start-up points (like I did, since I just learned about this on my own).

ZAP Tag on Mobile Phone
Sticking my ZAP Tag on my Phone for further convenience!

Who are the Partner Merchants?
Lucky for us, ZAP was able to partner with several stores already under these categories:
  • Food and Dining (such as Happy Lemon, Pepper Lunch, Gumbo's and etc)
  • Gadgets and Electronics (such as Beyond the Box, Digital Hub, Digital Walker and etc)
  • Health and Beauty (such as Elorde Boxing Gym, GNC Live Well, Brow Lounge, Get Polised and etc)
  • Retail and Services (such as Adidas, Puma and etc)
For the list of merchants, you may want to check this page out: List of Partner Merchants

There you go! I hope you found this blog post useful! 

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